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Costa Rica

A Treasure House of Nature

Take one of the most richly endowed tropical landscapes in the world. Add to it a firm commitment to peace, democracy, and social progress, and you will have discovered the special attraction of Costa Rica.

Nearly unknown to tourists until a few years ago, Costa Rica now welcomes visitors by the thousands as they arrive to enjoy the beauty of her beaches and famous rain forests, the excitement of her whitewater rivers and world-class fishing, the perfect windsurfing conditions on Lake Arenal, and the challenge of diving, sea-kayaking, surfing, and other water sports in two different oceans.

Yet this lovely land still offers remote and seldom traveled corners to satisfy the most adventurous traveler. With rain forests, cloud forests, dry forests, savannahs and coffee farms, wild rivers, volcanoes, coral reefs, and pristine beaches of black or white sand, there is no way that one vacation can include it all. Select a package to fit your own time and interests. Next year you can come back for more.

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