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The sailing expedition will be on the Rembrandt Van Rijn, a three-mast schooner reinforced for Arctic waters. Rembrandt is a beautiful little ship, built in the early years of the last century for the Danish herring fleet, now completely refitted as a passenger sailing vessel by Oceanwide Expeditions with accommodations for up to 33 passengers. We are aiming to charter the entire vessel, giving our sailing clients a unique and intimate experience, which for real sailors may include assisting the crew with the sails or even taking the helm. It can be as participatory as you like.

Itinerary and Details from Oceanwide

Our tour leader, Bruce Melton, a climate scientist and filmmaker from the Austin area has previously worked in Greenland, and will be hosting and adding has extensive knowledge to both the Rembrandt voyage and the discovery trip to the foot of the western ice sheet. Bruce has been the director of the nonprofit Climate Change Now Initiative specializing in climate science education for the last 12 years (ClimateDiscovery.org). He is also an environmental researcher, professional engineer, Sierra Club leader, and wilderness adventurer. The camping trip to the ice sheet will be a team adventure where we spend our days hiking the ice, and discussing the latest science in plain English, certain to provide exhilarating adventure and real discovery as you add to the understanding of our warming planet.

Interested? Let us know about it now. Sailings on the Rembrandt are filling up and we want to save space for you.


Sail with Rembrandt Aug. 23-30

Camp the West Aug. 30-Sept. 6