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Enrique Dodero helps Liz Gardner photograph a butterfly a La Paz Gardens

A tribute to Enrique Dodero, who has guided our Costa Rica tours since 1996.

His knowledge – his patience – humor, wisdom and wit. I cannot say enough. Not only does he know everything and everyplace, completely assess and complement the rhythm of the group, balance a friendly, funny good nature with consumate professionalism and obvious capable experience as a guide…. Thank you for giving us the opportunity and the honor of traveling with this wonderful person who, as you know, may literally have saved the life of one of our party who had a heart attack.  --Catherine Maxwell, Raleigh, NC

I know since this is my first day back to reality I should be working but e-mailing you is more important.  We were absolutely blown away by the trip you planned.  Everything went so smoothly and Enrique was incredible.  He was so informative and a total pleasure.  Thank you for recommending him.

Everything went more perfect than even Enrique could believe.  People had been waiting all morning to see the Poas Volcano and when we walked up the clouds parted and we saw everything.  Same happened with the Arenal volcano.  We were able to see, hear and feel a beautiful eruption.  It didn't rain on us once when we were actually out of the van touring.  We saw the turtle lay her eggs.  Everything was incredible.  The tours were small and on the raft trip Jeanene and I were the only two.  Jeanene fell out of the raft AFTER we got through the rapids.  I was laying on the bottom of the raft laughing so hard I was no help.  My first canopy tour now has me hooked.  On the way to the platform the guide showed us a frog and said if we licked it we would get high.  After the first line, I told the guide even licking a frog couldn't be better than that.  We are gathering our pictures and will sent you some probably next week.  We cannot thank you enough for planning the trip of a lifetime.  I am ready to go back!  The people were so nice everywhere.  I am curious why you would move back here.  Thank you again.  Mere words thanking you seems insufficient compared to the wonderful time we had.
-- Sharon Clarke, Austin, TX, Sept. 2003

Enrique Dodero's Turismo Personalizado is the best.  We couldn't hve asked for more competent, thought ful service.  Like having a friend show you around Costa Rica.  --Kathleen and Jerry Webster, Austin, TX.

Thanks for everything - a grand experience. The Osa Peninsula was most enjoyable - a great recommendation, a true gem. - Sara Bartos, M.D., Austin, TX

Enrique of Turismo Personalizado was GREAT! One of the few tour guides I've ever had who fully lived up to my expectations.... 
We are biologists and were thrilled to see the various habitats and species. Visiting Costa Rica is a must for anyone interested in nature/wildlife.
--Alexis Blackmer, Davis, CA.

Enrique is a wonderful guide! He is incredibly knowledgable and his warmth and kindness was greatly appreciated. Our kids loved him too. The whole trip was filled with natural wonders and interesting animals!  The kids would say the monkeys were the best part.  The volcanoes wowed me most!  And of course the rainforest.  It was terrific!  - Linda Nathan, Hingham, MA.