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La Quinta Country Inn is a testament
to the resilience of the tropical rainforest.

Nine years ago, the site of the the inn was a farm, cleared of most of it's trees and natural vegetation. Careful planning and giving nature a chance has resulted in a remarkable recovery. The Inn has established specific habitat to attract butterflies, birds and frogs. Practically anything will grow in this environment, in fact ten percent of the earth's bio- diversity is present in Costa Rica and the lowland humid rainforest of Sarapiqui provides limitless opportunities for the eco-tourist



Field report from Carol Cespedes (September, 2002) :
I have just revisited an outstanding example of success by a small Costa Rican eco-lodge. La Quinta de Sarapiqui owned by Beatriz Gamez and Leonard Jenkins, started up eight years ago when this young Costa Rican couple bought a deforested finca on the banks of the Rio el Virgin.
Today it is a model of sustainability - 25 cabins with a pleasant restaurant, small children-safe swimming pool (kids need to stay wet), butterfly garden, poison dart frog area, organic vegetable farm, tilapia ponds, and recycling project making paper from pineapple waste. Two years ago it scored a coup by becoming the location of the "Jewels of the Rain Forest" entymological collection. 
With three small children of their own, Beatriz and Leo are advocates for the local schools and bring classes to the lodge for environmental education. Beatriz was happy to tell me that after eight years of hard work they finally have a nice business that provides a living to their growing family.

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